Have you ever wondered about the secret for building business success? Mission statements, business plans, and a product or service are important, as are funding, a support system and business sense. Still, you may not have the key, which is to build your business from the inside out. From a place inside that you intuitively understand. From your Inner Samurai comes the knowing that gives you the strength you will need to build your business.

As a woman entrepreneur, have you ever wondered what the secret is for building business success? Sure, its important to have a mission statement, a business plan, and a product or service that meets the needs of your niche market. Its also essential that you have funding to back your venture, a support system in place to guide and mentor you along your journey, and savvy business acumen.

Yet even if you have all these things, you still may not hold the key. What is the key to business success for women? The secret is to build your business from the inside out. From a place inside that you as a woman intuitively know and understand. From your Inner Samurai. If you are an entrepreneurial woman committed to doing work that is meaningful and important; if you see your work as a mission, service, or calling; if your goal is to help other people transform their lives and make a difference in the world, then the key to making that happen is to connect with your Inner Samurai. Connect with my Inner Samurai? Whats that?

Connecting to your Inner Samurai means connecting to your inner knower. This will empower you with the strength you will need on your journey as you build a successful business.

All You Need to Know about Your Inner Samurai

Who? Your Inner Samurai is known by many names. It has been called the voice within, the inner knower, the still small voice, God Self, Soul, God Within, and Spirit, to name a few.

What? Your Inner Samurai is best defined by describing its opposite  the voice inside the head, the monkey mind, the ego. By contrast, your Inner Samurai is the inner voice, the voice within. It is the quiet, sure, confident, strong, vast, and powerful voice of inner knowing. Being able to tell the difference between the rationalizing, explaining, blaming, and chattering voice inside your head and the calm, sure, wise voice of your Inner Samurai will make all the difference to your business success.

Where? Your Inner Samurai is aptly named because it is the voice within. Inner because the voice is deep within your being (to distinguish it from the voice inside your head) and Samurai because of how strong and powerful it is. Understanding who your Inner Samurai is and knowing where to connect with it are vital for your business success.

Why? Everyone has an inner voice. It is that part of us that is the repository of all our life experiences, hopes, and dreams. Its so important to get in touch with our Inner Samurai because it is our greatest source of strength and knowing. It is the seat of our wisdom. It is the place of our extraordinary uniqueness. It exists to remind us of who we are. How? The most challenging part of connecting with your Inner Samurai is realizing how it communicates with you. Your Inner Samurai has a gentle, yet very recognizable, way of doing so  I like to call it pulsing. When you go inward and ask your Inner Samurai a question, you will feel a pulse answering you. This pulse will have one of two distinct qualities. It will feel like either a yes or a no.

When? Once you know who, what, where, why, and how, the last thing you need to know is when. When is the best time to tune in and feel for the pulse of your Inner Samurai? The answer is: always. Make your Inner Samurai the primary voice you listen to. Turn to others for support. Turn inward for guidance. When in doubt between your feelings and thoughts, go with the pulse. Your Inner Samurai will never lead you astray, do you wrong, or leave you hanging. Your Inner Samurai pulse is right 100% of the time. So, enjoy writing your mission statement and your business plan. Get creative making your product or service the best it can be. Develop positive relationships with your investors and supporters. And dont forget the most important relationship of all  the relationship with your Inner Samurai. Its the key to building your business success from the inside out.

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