If you are one of those who wish to see their lifestyle imprints in everything around them, then the latest bathroom furniture and paraphernalia has a lot for you to apply. The whole world maybe going more and simpler in its design and execution, but the bathroom in our new age life are becoming only more sophisticated and pampered. Be it the lay of custom constructed hand rubbed furniture or the array of polished stones under the bright light fixtures. The bathroom has a due attention now, with its vibes becoming those of a personal space. Apart from its urbane construction, bathrooms are getting larger by the day though the incremented space is accommodating a lot of dressing closets, gym equipments and cabinet space for good storage. In case you have recently designed your new bathroom; there is a lot you could do to make sure that it looks exactly the same years on.

The most basic move to make would be the cleaning of your new bathroom. Far as you clean little and clean regularly, cleaning should not be a tough job. The toilet seat, the rim and sink can use a daily wipe and disinfection. Same shall go for the windows and the mirrors. For disinfection and cleaning, you need not use strong solutions all the time. Something simple as white vinegar would do. A strong solution white vinegar can also keep your toilet from collecting too much of lime scales. If your shower tray is made of porcelain, then you can treat that to white vinegar just as well. While your shower curtains can use mild washing once in a while. The shower cubicle walls can use car wax polish, far as you don't go on too hard with it.

If your bathroom is collecting moisture and you see fungus and mushrooms popping around the corners, there are solutions to it. Use a diluted pack of peroxide and make it mild with water around your bathroom. Use the solution on the ceiling and corners if they retain any water. While cleaning the toilet, you need to make sure that the bowl is evacuated of water. Water could otherwise act as a diluting agent for any disinfectant or bleach that you put into the bowl. Once the water has been evacuated, bleach the bowl from inside and leave it like that for at least an hour, before you flush it with normal water. The bowl done, take the cleaning to the base around the plinth and the underbelly of the rim where a lot of moisture would normally accumulate.

Keeping your new bathroom clean shall also depend on the tidiness which you maintain. All the moisturizers and creams should be stored inside some cupboard. Leaving them lying around would be a bad idea, because they collect dust and leave lots of marks at their base. Keeping the counter of your new bathroom clean should not be tough either. A simple wipe with a wet muslin cloth shall do it.

If you are one of those who wish to see their lifestyle imprints in everything around them, then the latest bathroom set and paraphernalia like Ceramic Tap and Dual Flush Toilet has a lot for you to apply.
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