There are a minimum of 11 motor vehicle accidents every minute. And five to six people are injured in a motor vehicle accident every minute. Approximately four individuals per minute will sustain a permanent injury as a result of a vehicle accident. Each lawsuit is unique and brings its own specific challenges. Three claims are discussed down below in order to discover the lessons that may be discovered from how they were resolved.

In one case involving a motor vehicle accident, while his view of a stop sign was obstructed by a truck that was parked in a no-parking zone, a driver from a local Pizzeria failed to stop the a stop sign. Entering the intersection, he broad-sided another car. The plaintiff in the automobile that was struck sustained nerve damage to his hand and disc herniations in the neck and back. He had to undergo a total of four surgeries for his neck and back and yet another surgery for his arm. He He required 4 surgeries for the disc herniations. He also needed a separate surgery for his hand. Subsequent to the accident he was no longer able to play sports, a favorite activity of his. The law firm that handled this case published a combined settlement in the amount of $900,000 from the driver, the owners of the truck, and the pizzeria.

The defendant in a second lawsuit somehow lost control of the automobile she was driving. The car went across several lanes hitting another vehicle that was approaching from the opposite direction. Because of the crash, the driver of the car that was hit sustained injuries to both her cervical and lumbar discs, and tore both the lateral and medial menisci of her right knee. The plaintiff required surgery for her knee injury. The defendant driver had a maximum of $100,000 coverage in her insurance policy. The lawsuit went to trial and the law firm that helped the victim documented that they were able to secure a jury verdict for the sum of $625,000 for the plaintiff. It was not clear from the report whether the entire sum was recovered (possiblye from the plaintiff's own underinsured coverage, from a bad faith claim against the defendant's insurer or from other assets of the defendant).

An important lesson that can be learned from these cases is that there may be individuals or even entities other than a driver who has at least partial responsibility for the accident. In the first case, for example, the driver was in the course and scope of his employment for a pizzeria at the time of the accident. As such, the pizzeria was also liable for the negligence of its driver. The owners of the truck that obstructed the stop sign while parked illegally were also partially at fault and thus were also liable.

Another important lesson is that victims of car accidents may sustain substantial injuries - injuries that may need extensive and costly medical care, that can force the plaintiff to lose time from work, and that can leave permanent disabilities. Due to this fact, the recovery can be substantial.

Finally, it is essential to realize that most drivers do not have sufficient insurance coverage to adequately cover substantial injury. The majority of drivers actually have only the minimum coverage required by law. One should therefore carry ample uninsured and underinsured coverage in one
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